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What if there is more than 1 Carer in the same Household?

Only 1 person may claim a Carers Allowance to look after someone. So if there are 2 of you caring for 1 person, then only 1 of you may claim.

If, however, 2 people are cared for in a house, e.g. a married couple take care of 2 disabled elderly relatives, then both of the carers would be able to claim, as they each care for 1 other person.

This would also apply for a husband who was the carer for his wife, while she in turn was the carer for a disabled child in the same house. Both the husband and wife would be able to claim Carers Allowance. You can even have the situation where a husband and wife take care of each other. Provided they both meet the basic conditions, they could each be paid carers allowance.


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