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iCare4 is your One Stop Shop for Homecare and Lifestyle products, and an easy source of information to keep you up to date with the issues that matter to anyone who needs, or provides, Homecare.

So whether you're looking to keep mobile, improve your sleeping, cope with incontinence, or just need a little help with everyday tasks, save time and money here at iCare4!

With a great range of products, competitive pricing and a commitment to customer service that is second to none, we're able to make sure you can keep living and enjoying life to the full!!

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iCare4 has been established with Homecare in mind. If you do care for someone at home, such as a family member or someone close to you, then with our range of products, which include incontinence pads, incontinence products, latex gloves, wheelchairs and mobility equipment (including wheelchair clothes and wheelchair accessories) we aim to provide  the homecare products you need. We are also adding to our range all the time. So if you cannot find the homecare product you need then please do get in touch. We are supported by major national wholesalers and so we are able to source virtually any homecare product you may need.
Our Incontinence Pads, Products and Incontinence Aids include the Ontex range of Euron Form, Euron Mobi and Euron Flex pads and nappies, and has been selected to provide a balance between quality and value. The cheapest incontinence nappies and incontinence pads may not always provide the comfort and protection needed, so we have selected the best incontinence pads to provide a good balance between performance and value. When you order any of our incontinence products or pads you do so with the confidence that we understand that adult incontinence, if managed properly, need not stop anyone enjoying life as fully as possible. See our Incontinence Products section for full details.
This same dedication to value and quality is true of all our Homecare products - and these include the following categories:
Medical Gloves: Our range includes: disposable gloves made from Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile, each available as sterile gloves, Powder Free and Powdered Gloves. Whatever your homecare medical glove needs, you can find the right product in our Disposable Gloves section.
Daily Living Aids: Products that help with day to day living. Our range includes: Pressure Care Cushions and pads, Wheelchairs, Reading Aids, specialised phones, great kitchen gadgets - all homecare specific and designed to make life that much easier and more comfortable. Daily Living Aids
Sleeping Aids increase the security and comfort of those who have to spend a lot of time in bed, and suffer from pressure sores, have injuries to protect, or are at risk of falling out of bed. We sell a full range of homecare sleeping products, including Pressure Care Mattresses, Foam supports and Foam Wedges and Pads to provide that extra degree of support and comfort. We also have the Luna electric profiling bedn which provides the fully adjustable bed functions yo see in hospital beds, but for homecare use.  This electric bed provides the full range of tilt, body and leg raise that you expect from a professional standard adjustable bed.  Being able to rest and sleep well are crucial to succesful homecare, so our range ensures you have the supports and padding you need to be supported in all directions, whether it's raising the legs with wedges, supporting the back with bolsters and shaped cushions.  Great homecare products and adjustable beds for that comfortable night so important to good health and happiness.  Sleeping Aids
Toileting and Bathing comfort makes a tremendous difference to the quality of life for both the cared for and home carer.  With this in mind we sell a range of homecare products to make toileting, bathing comfortable, manageable and safe.  These include: toilet frames, commodes, grab bars and rails, shower stools, bath boards and bath seats.  All homecare products designed to make the toilet and bathroom accessible to everyone. (Toileting and Bathing)
Nursing and Medical products for those with conditions that require a greater degree of homecare. Our range of products includes: Thermometers, Blood Pressure machines, Bedpans and Bottles, medication aids, bedpans, pain relief products,  all invaluable homecare products to help with the ongoing care of loved ones. Nursing and Medical
Eating Aids: It can be embarrassing and frustrating  to not be able to feed yourself. For an adult there is a loss of dignity in having to be fed by someone else as part of their homecare. Our range of Shaped cutlery, plates and bowls can give those who now struggle with normal utensils the opportunity of feeding themselves again, keep that feeling of independence, and reduce the amount of homecare relied on. Eating Aids

Advice, Products and Resources to aid those in Need and who Care.

Incontinence Information  Incontinence occurs for several reasons, so whether you suffer from urinary incontincence or feacal incontinence, urge incontinence or just elderly incontinence, we have homecare products in our range to help you cope and live life to the full - from disposable pants to waterproof bedding. We also have a help and information section that offers incontinence help and incontinence advice. The articles in this section offer information and ideas on incontinence homecare issues such as the types of incontinence, the causes of incontinence and the management of incontinence with homecare products, pads and aids .

If you are concerned about male or female incontinence, and are looking for a reputable incontinence supplier and a fast reliable service, we will strive to meet your needs. When you order our incontinence products and incontinence pads you do so with the confidence that we understand adult incontinence, and that with the  homecare products we provide you will have the comfort and security that a sufferer needs to carry on and enjoy life as fully as possible. This is why our balanced range of incontinence aids, pads and products (including the Euron Form and Euron Flex range) is ideal for homecare. See our Incontinence Products section for full details.

For all your incontinence needs we recommend the Ontex Euron range of products - Euron Form, Euronform, Euronflex, Euron Flex, Euron Mobi and Euron Micro.

Our full homecare product ranges are:

Disposable Medical Gloves: Stopping the spread of infection is vital in homecare, both for the carer and the cared for.  iCare4 supplies a full range of medical disposable gloves, including: Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Nitrile Gloves and Sterile gloves; and they are available as powdered and powder free gloves. Whether it's Latex or Non latex, or dealing with general cleaning and hygiene issues such as incontinence, we have the right gloves you need for your homecare needs.

The choice of which material your gloves should be made of depends on what quality of glove you want, and whether you may be allergic to the material that Latex gloves are made from. An article descibing the differences between the types of gloves available for use at home, and how to choose which glove would suit you best, is available in the Help and Information area at "Which Gloves Should I Choose?" . This homecare article is an invaluable aid to making the right product choice for your gloves.

Daily Living Aids: We have an extensive range of homecare products that will improve the daily lives of anyone being  cared for at home. Our range of aids includes: Wheelchairs, Kitchen Gadgets, Pressure Care Cushions, Walking Sticks, Reading Aids, and many other products to help make life that bit easier and more comfortable.  The magnifiers, both lit and unlit, enable those whose sight is not what it was to carry on enjoying this invaluable pastime.  Reading at home is both entertaining and an invaluable homecare tool as the activity stimulates the mind to help keep this faculty sharp.  The book stands with soft pads also help care for those with conditions that make holding a book at home for long periods painful and impractical.  Take a look at the Daily Living Aids section.

Eating Aids and Drinking Aids: Knives, forks, Spoons - large handled and shaped handled; Bowls, Plates and dishes with suction pads, all for the disabled and infirm - we have then all in this homecare range. The products include: lipped plates and specially shaped plates and bowls, cups and beakers, and products to help those who lack normal grip and control.  Easy Grip cups and Lidded cups are ideal for anyone with tremors or arthritis.  Take a look in the Eating and drinking Aids Section.

Sleeping Aids Being able to rest comfortably for long periods is crucial for homecare.  Relief from pain and pressure while resting can also be a homecare priority requiring good support in a number of ways.  Our sleeping aids range of homecare products includes Pressure Care Mattresses, Foam Wedges and Foam Support Pads to prevent falls and provide extra support and comfort while in bed at home. We also stock a variety of Pillows and Comforters, and support Poles and Rails to aid getting in and out of bed. This really is a full range of homecare products to provide for a restfull nights sleep. We also supply an excellent homecare adjustable bed, the Luna, that provides a full range of supporting and lifting functions that are a key feature of this excellent electtric bed.

Toileting and Bathing is always an aspect of home care that can cause stress when it's not going well, but can be a major comfort when it is, both for carer and the cared for. Our range of products - which includes commodes, toilet frames, grab bars, grab rails and shower stools - are tailored home care products to make the bathroom and toilet accessible and comfortable for all.  These homecare products are also designed to improve the hygiene of the cared for to make sure they do not lose the sense of dignity that comes with being neat and clean.  The bath steps and shower and bath stools are all designed to make the bathroom a safe place that encourages it's regular use.  The homecare bathing aids enable anyone with limited mobility to still be able to clean themselves without the help of a carer, an important requirement for many people in homecare.

Nursing and Medical homecare products for those requiring monitoring and medication as part of their care, such as Thermometers and Blood Pressure machines, and nursing essential such as Bedpans and Bottles to help with toileting; Medication Aids, such as a Pill Box or Pill Dispenser, and pain relief devices like heat pads.  Homecare products to suit your needs.

Mobility Aids and Wheelchairs are crucial homecare products to be able to live life to the full.  We have a full range of wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories, wheelchair clothing and wheelchair bags to ensure that while you're using these mobility items you will be as warm and comfortable as possible.  We also have a great range of  walking frames and walking sticks, and lots of accesories that ensure that mobility around  the home as well as outside is as care free as it can be.  Homecare aids to keep life as active and stimulating as possible.

So as you can see, whether your problem is with incontinence or you have a disablilty that needs other home care aids, such as mobility issues requiring a wheelchair, iCare4 has the homecare products to really help you out.

As well as products we support you with a Help and Information, and our unique Money Map. The help and information section has articles that help you choose the right gloves and incontinence products for your homecare needs, as well as detailed advice on the help and support available. There is also guidance about disposable gloves and whether latex gloves are right for you. The articles on coping with incontinence in daily life are particulary useful when planning how to cope with the condition yourself, or dealing with the home care of someone else who is incontinent and needs advice on such things as incontinence pads. The full range of ways to aid incontinence will help you cope and keep the sufferer comfortable while they lead as normal a life as possible.

The financial implications of homecare are such that it pays to keep abreast of government legislation to make sure you are aware of the support available for caring for someone at home.  This is especially true if you are not yet caring for someone at home, but you find you will be a home carer in the near future.  As well as the direct impact home care can have on you on terms of the drop in income you will experience once you take on the care at home roll, there are other costs to think about.  The home may need to be modified for such things as protective pads, wheelchair access, or a downstairs bathroom may need to be upgraded, or even installed.

Medical advice should always be sought at the early stages if incontinence. Several types of incontinence are in fact treatable, so you should consult your GP who will advise you on the best treatment, products and pads for you. he will be able to consider all of the following: bladder weakness, stress incontinence, overactive bladder, double incontinence, elderly incontinence, female incontinence, female urinary incontinence, bladder leakage, overactive bladder symptoms, bladder weakness rectal incontinence, active bladder, incontinence medication, urinary incontinence treatment, urinary leakage, urinary retention, urinary urge incontinence, bedwetting , bladder control problem, bladder health, bladder trouble, incontinence stress urinary, bladder stones, bladder cystitis, bladder infection, fecal incontinence, incontinence surgery, inflamed bladder.

We support the work of organisations who help incontinence sufferers and those in homecare who also work with the incontinent.  In particluar we advertise as product suppliers with the UK Home Carers Association and the UK Bladder and Bowel Foundation.  If you are incontinent, or provide homecare for someone who is incontinent, we recommend you visit the websites of these excellent organisations.  They offer impartial advice on both the condition itself, and the best ways to deal with it.  The nature of incontinence means people are often shy about asking for help, and these specialist organisations are experts in dealing with both the physical and emotional impact of supporting a sufferer. 

Homecare Forum.  Don't forget to look at the iCare4 homecare forum, where you can ask any question you like about homecare in general, specific problems you may be experiencing or iCare4 products in particular.  As well as being product suppliers, we work closely with working professional care staff and are able to bring their expertise on line to help you with any homecare problem you may have. So whether you need to figure out whether you should use latex gloves or nitrile gloves, need advice on good housekeeping techniques to cope with incontinence, want to ask what the right incontinence aids are for your situation, or just want to find someone to share your homecare worries with, put your questions in the forum.  We will do all we can to get you the answers you need.

The forum is also the ideal place to discuss the real issues about the day to day realities of home care, and ask for help from others who share the same experiences.  Taking care of a loved one who you've know as an independent individual, but now needs their incontinence pads changing four times a day has a real impact on both you and the person you care for.  So the chance to ask others how they cope, and ask for advice on how to cope with things like incontinence can be invaluable.

We are also great supporters of social networking as a way of keeping carers in touch with each other and new ideas.  It doesn't matter whether you're looking for ideas of how to cope with the skin rash of someone who's incontinent, or just want advice from others who may have tried a new incontinence pad - there's no substitute for hearing the ideas of another home carer who's actually done it.  That's why you'll find us on Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, talking about everthing from mobility, daily living, sleeping and incontinence pads.

 Links to Other Organisations Homecare is a subject that affects millions, and there is a whole community of organisations and charities that work hard to support home carers.  Whether it is the NHS and local authorities, charities, associations or other private companies like iCare4, we applaud and support the work of these organisations.  This is why in the Links section we are happy to promote what we see as the best of these organisations.  Please do use these links as there is a wealth of information available on their websites on all aspects of homecare, from advice on the right kind of incontinence products to use through to the latest information on homecare funding issues, respite care provision to why latex gloves can sometimes cause allergies.

Ontex is a major manufacturer of incontinence products and incontinence pads so we are happy to be stockists of their outstanding range of incontinence pads - including Euron Form, Euron Flex, Euron Mobi and Euron Micro.

Finally, don't forget to visit the information section. You'll find all sorts of articles to help with the practical aspects of homecare, from detailed information about incontinence pads - how they are rated for absorbancy and what the different pad names mean, (and why Euron Form and Euron Flex incontinence pads are such a good option) through to what are the right types of gloves for you, whether you should use latex gloves, vinyl gloves or nitrile gloves.

We also promote iCare4 on social networking websites and feature sites with a homecare and incontinence pads elements such as squidoo you can find us here -

We have a wonderful new Inspiration for Life section that provides resources to help you explore the big questions of life such as what's it all for and what do I need to know to give me hope