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Council Tax Allowance

If you live in the same property as the person you are caring for, and provide at least 35 hours of care each week, you may be able to claim a reduction in the Council Tax you pay.

You can claim this whether or not you have had a "Carers Assessment", but the person you are caring for can't be your spouse, partner of child under 18 years old.

Also, the person being cared for must have one of the following:

  • The Higher Rate of the Care Component of the Disbalilty Living Allowance
  • The Higher Rate of Attendance Allowance
  • An Increased Disablement Pension
  • An Increased Constant Attendance Allowance

What Should You Do Now?

Find the number for your Local Council in the Phone Book or by looking on Line, tell them about your Caring Role, and that you want to apply for a Carers Coucil Tax Allowance.


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