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Can I Get Carers Allowance if I work?

You can if your earnings are below the "Earnings Limit" (currently £100 a week) after taking off certain payments or expenses.

To see if you are below this limit, look at your weekly income, then take off:

  • Any Tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • Half of any money you pay into a work or personal pension scheme
  • Part of your work costs - e.g. if you have to provide your own special work clothes
  • Part of the costs for someone (not a close relative) to look after your child, or the person you care for, while you work.

Also: if your husband, wife or civil partner earns less than the "Earnings Limit", and you can get Carers Allowance, then you may be able to get extra money to help you cope. Ask about the extra allowance when you make your claim.


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