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The Direct Payment Scheme

If you have had a Carers Assessment and your local Local Council has agreed that you are entitled to a service, then the council will normally pay for all, or some, of the cost for that service, depending on your entitlement.

However, there is a government scheme that may be available to you where the Council offer you the option of a "Direct Payments" allowance. This is where the council will pay you a fixed amount and you arrange for that service yourself.

The Local Council services are normally very good, but if they are really busy it may be difficult to arrange them in the way that suits you best. You may also just prefer the option of making your own arrangements for services. Using the Direct Payments scheme gives you the control to do this.

What Should You Do Now?

When your Local Council carries out your Carers Assessment you should ask about the "Direct Payments" Scheme. How each council works the scheme varies, so be prepared to listen to what particular options are available in your area.


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