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Do I Meet the Requirements to Claim the Mobility Part of the Disability Living Allowance?

Answer: You will qualify for the Mobility Part of the Disablilty Living Allowance if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You have a physical or mental disability, and
  2. You have difficulty getting around outdoors. Examples of "difficulty" would be:
    • You Cannot Walk at All outdoors
    • You can only walk a short way on a reasonably flat surface before:
        - you feel severe discomfort, or
        - you become unsteady, or
        - you get short of breath or dizzy, or
        - you would put your health in danger if you continued walking
    • You may need someone with you outdoors so that you do not:
        - put yourself or others in danger, or
        - wander off or get lost
  3. You are under 65 when you claim.

You will also qualify if:

  • you are 100% blind and 80% deaf and you need someone with you when you are outdoors, or
  • you have had both legs amputated at or above the ankle, or you were born without legs or feet.

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