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A Full Range of Medical Gloves to Meet all your Caring Needs

Hygiene is a top homecare priority when you are looking after someone.  Disposable gloves are a must both for yourself and the person you are caring for to ensure infections are not spread.

Our range of disposable gloves for homecare includes:

  • Latex Gloves
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Nitrile Gloves 

All our disposable gloves are fit for use as medical gloves, and are manufactured to the highest standards, so you can order your gloves with confidence.


Medical Gloves are made from 3 types of material, and the right one for you depends on what the condition of the person you are treating is, and on what would be most comfortable for you.  The Choices are:

Latex Gloves:  Good tactile feel while wearing them and can be used with a wide range of chemicals and solutions, but if you allergic to latex they will cause a reaction.

Vinyl Gloves:  Not as strong and tactile as latex, but won't cause an allergic reaction.  To keep them strong and usable, Vinyl Gloves are munufactured from thicker materials which also makes them more resistant to some chemicals.

Nitrile Gloves:  These are very good gloves.  Stronger than latex and vinyl, but without losing any tactile feel, and they are more resistant to oils and solvents than latex.  Because of this Nitrile Gloves do tend to cost a little more.

You can then decide whether the gloves should be Powdered or Powder Free.  The powder is on the inside of the glove and is there to help you slip the gloves on, and to absorb the moisture from you own hands so that they gloves don't become slippy inside.  Powdered gloves are cheaper, but the powder can cause an allergic reaction.  Powder free gloves are a little more expensive, but you won't get any allergic reaction from the powder.  This should be borne in mind before ordering gloves if the wearer, or the person being cared for, might react to latex or the powder.

So in Summary, Powdered Latex Gloves are the most economical and are a good all round glove.  However, if you or the person you are caring for are allergic to latex, you should choose a vinyl glove.  If you are allergic to the powder used in the gloves, then opt for Powder Free type of either.  If cost is less of an issue for you, and you want the best quality all round glove available, then order the Nitrile Gloves.

Now when you shop for your gloves you can do so with the confidence of being able to choose the disposable glove that suits you best. 

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