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Vat Free Products - How to order them on the website

Certain Products on the iCare4 website may be purchased VAT Free. This is because the VAT Office allows individuals (or charities) buying items that they need as part of their personal care to do so without having to pay VAT.

All Incontinence Pads, Daipers and Undersheets are Zero rated for individulas being cared for at home. This means that anyone buying them for personal use can do so so without paying VAT, provided no more than 200 of any item is ordered. On the website all our incontinence products will be VAT Free at the checkout provided you order the allowed amount. This also applies if you are buying the products for someone else, but they are for their personal use only.

If the person who needs products is disabled or chronically sick they may be able to buy them to help with their condition on a "VAT Exempt" basis. A doctor will be able to tell you if the person qualifies for this.

If a person is VAT Exempt, then we can sell the products without VAT provided that the person buying them makes a declaration that they, or the person they are buying the items for, is entitled to do so.

If you are able to order products without paying VAT, simply follow the instructions given as you log in and go through the checkout, and you will see the exemption declaration as you go.

When your order is placed, we check the declarations and keep them on file - we have to do this for the VAT office as they do check we are doing our job properly.


If you would like more detailed information about VAT Exemtion and medical conditions, then visit the Money Map, where the rules are laid out, as are the links to the website where you can look at the rules and regulations in full.