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About us

iCare4 Ltd is the internet selling arm of a major national wholesaler, and as such we are able to provide an extensive range of products at the most competitive prices.  Whether you are an individual who needs products that allow you to get on with your daily life while coping with Incontinence or a disablity, or you are caring for someone who needs specialist products such as wheelchairs, mattresses, toileting aids or incontinence pads, we can help.

We show the main products here on the website, but if you need any other products just get in touch - we are able to source most items quickly, and at the most competitive prices!

We specialise in Products to help with Incontinence, sleeping and toileting safely, as well as aids to daily living such as spoons, knives and forks for those who struggle with normal cutlery, Wheelchairs and Walking Aids and gloves and aprons for carers. So whether you are fitting out a bathroom with toilet seats and support rails, or a bedroom with pressure care mattresses and Cushions - get in touch and we will provide you with the best possible choice of products for your needs.