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Sleeping Comfort able to sleep and rest properly in bed makes all the difference to anyone being cared for at home, and that in turn makes the lives of carers so much easier as well. Our range of Mattresses, Pillows, Bolsters and Assists are all designed to make life comfortable both for the user and home carer.  Our home care Adjustable Bed combines sleeping comfort with all the benefits of a hospital bed to provide maximum comfort and practical caring features.

All the Homecare products at iCare4 are selected to improve the comfort and safety of anyone who needs that extra bit of support. Once you have found the products you are looking for please feel free to look around the rest of the site before going to the Checkout.

Whether the help is needed getting in and out of bed at home, specialist mattresses are needed to help with pressure care, additional wedges and supports are needed to support delicate or injured limbs or supports and aids are needed to prevent and cope with falling out of bed, at iCare4 we aim to provided the right Homecare products for your needs.

The adjustable bed is a new addition to our range and offers all the features yo'd expect from a hospital bed.  Complete with electric motors to lift both ends of the bed for full height adjustment and even a tilt function, and the ability to raise both the upper body and the legs either together or seperately means the user can find a comfortable position in any number of ways while a carer can also adjust the bed to make access as easy as possible.  The metal consrtuction of the frame is also sturdy and hygienic and is ideal for people who suffer from incontinence.

Don't forget to look throught the rest of the website where you can find all the homecare products you could ever want, from incontinence pads to Rollators, Disposable Gloves to Grab Rails.