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Nursing & Medical

When someone’s health is deteriorating the level of homecare they need can increase tremendously, and having the right care products around the home can be invaluable to help keep on top of things.

Our Home Care Products help with medication aids that help anyone in homecare manage their dosage and medication routines.

Our range includes disposabe gloves and aprons, Non medicinal pain relief and bedpans and urinals.

At iCare4 we have a range of care products designed to meet the basic medical homecare needs of most individuals. All our products are designed to support the tasks needed when caring for someone at home. Whether you need Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Bedpands, urinals, bottles or Pill Boxes, we aim to provide the highest quality products at the best prices for you homecare needs.

Whether you need Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves or Nitrile Gloves, Powdered or Powder Free, we have the gloves you need. Latex Gloves: Powdered and Powder Free. Nitrile Gloves: High Quality, Powder Free and Non Latex. Vinyl Gloves: Powdered and Powder Free Medical disposable gloves are an absolute necessity when taking care of someone at home. Home Care requires additional attention to hygiene, both for the benefit of the Carer and the Cared For. As the gloves may be worn quite a lot throughout each day it is important to choose the right type. Whether latex gloves, vinyl gloves or nitrile gloves would suit you best depends on a couple of things, and if you’re not sure which to choose we do recommend you review the information article at The Right Disposable Gloves For You. At icare4 we select our gloves to ensure that you receive the best quality gloves at an affordable price. This means you can confidently use them for all Homecare tasks knowing that you are protecting everyone, particularly with some of the less pleasant tasks involved in caring. When looking for a good all round glove for home caring, latex is the most economical, but there can be problems with an allergic reaction to the material, so latex free gloves may well be a better option. Do consult the information available on the site to work out if a non latex glove would be the right choice for your home care products. You can find everything you need in the Gloves and Aprons section.

Remember to visit the rest of the website where you will find all the homecare products you could want, from incontinence pads to specialist cutlery, wheelchairs to daily living aids.