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Eating and Drinking

Cups, Mugs, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Plates and Bowls - All specially designed Homecare Products to allow the disabled the independence and pleasure of being able to feed themselves without having to struggle with with normal plates and cutlery.

Being unable to feed yourself at home can be extremely distressing. It is a loss of dignity and independence, particularly for someone who has previously taken pride in taking care of themselves. When someone becomes dependent on homecare, it is important to give them as much independence as possible, and allowing them to feed themselves is a crucial part of care at home. At icare4 we provide a range of utensils and plates that help the disabled and infirm regain their independence.

We have a range of Shaped, Easy Grip and Large Handled cutlery to help those whose control and grip means they are not able to use normal cutlery. Shaped handles are for those whose ability to manipulate the knife, fork or spoon, will be enhanced by a shape that fits naturally in the hand even when the grip is light or incomplete. The Large Handled Knife, Fork and Spoon are ideal for anyone who cannot grip properly at all as size of the handle fills the hand more fully. The Shaped Knife Fork and Spoon are for anyone who has lost a degree of mobility in the wrist or hands, and cannot twist the cutlery in the normal way. The Shaped and Lipped Plate enable food to be eaten with a single spoon or fork as the food can be pushed on to the utensil without the need for a knife in the other hand. This makes the Lipped Plate ideal for anyone who finds it easier to eat with just a Spoon or Knife. The Plate Guard is an easy to clip on aid that fits most normal crockery. Once fitted it prevents spillage for anyone whose control may otherwise cause them to have accidents, and also helps in the same way as a lipped plate when using just a spoon or knife. After the meal the Plate Guard is simply unclipped and washed, and is ready to re-use.

Bowls and plates with suction bases are ideal for home care when looking after someone whose motor control means they may knock the bowl or plate. Our range of care products includes cups and mugs with handles and spouts, all ideal for homecare.

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