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Daily Living Aids

A range of high quality and carefully selected Homecare products to make day to day life for anyone being cared for at home that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Once you have found and ordered the product you want, please feel free to browse the rest of our range before proceeding to the checkout.

Whether you're looking for Pressure Care cushions to make any seat more comfortable, Reading Aids, Grab sticks or Walking Sticks, you'll find all our home care products are there to make day to day life a more enjoyable experience!

Home care means many aspects of life need to be catered for. Not just the practicalities of toileting, bathing eating and sleeping, but also maintaining a quality of life for the person being cared for. There is also the benefit for the home carer as well, as a happy and occupied person is more independent and content, which in turn eases the burden on the Carer. At icare4 we aim to provide a range of homecare products to help make life easier and more fulfilling. Our wheelchairs are ideal for general use around the house and locally, or for collapsing in the car to enjoy days out. Our Pressure Care Cushions can be used in the home, wheelchair or car to help those who suffer from pressure Sores, or just for added comfort for anyone who remains seated for a long time.

Reading is entertaining, informative and helps keep the mind active and focused. All of which is essential to maintaining an interesting and meaningful way of life. Our Reading Aids and Page Magnifiers help keep this wonderful passtime a part of anyone's life even when eyesight is not what it used to be. Our relationship with a large print book providers also means that as well as helping with reading, we are also able to offer access to a comprehensive range of Large Print Books that will appeal to readers of all types of book.

For those who have trouble bending and reaching, Grabbers and Grab Sticks are an invaluable aid around the home. Grab Sticks make allow access to items and areas of the home that may otherwise be beyond reach. Also Included in the range are special warm slippers (Cosy Toes) that are easy to take on and off, even if the feet are swollen or tender - giving comfort as well as protection.

Add this to the washable bibs, walking sticks and other comfort items, and you can see we have a comprehensive range of home care products that add to the quality and comfort of day to day life for any being cared for at home.

Dressing Aids, for those who have trouble bending and twisting.  Great homecare gadgets to make dressing manageable.

Don't forget to look throught the rest of the website where you can find all the home care products you could ever want, from incontinence pads to walking sticksLatex Gloves to pressure care mattresses.